AEO Status: A corporate seal of quality

Obtain AEO certification and monitor
your AEO status efficiently
using the TTA Validator

Have your business partners requested that you obtain an AEO certificate? Since the beginning of 2008 you can demonstrate your compliance by obtaining the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). Have you been delaying your application for AEO due to the work, time and costs involved?

The TTA Validator now makes it possible to carry out the application process easily, cost-effectively and efficiently: this internet-based solution has been developed by the Trusted Trade Alliance (TTA) in order to prepare your company, to guide you through the application process and to provide support in maintaining and monitoring your AEO status.

  • A quicker and more efficient way of obtaining AEO certification
  • Permanent oversight in maintaining/monitoring AEO status
  • A means of controlling customs and security-related processes
  • Effective compliance management
  • A tool for carrying out internal audits
  • A documentation system recognized by customs
  • Facilitate certification in all member states
  • Integration of non-EU security programmes
  • Cost reductions
  • Time savings
  • Fewer demands on human resources

The application for AEO certification is submitted to the customs office responsible for your company. The core of the application process consists of a comprehensive self-assessment carried out by the company. Processes relevant to the AEO, which may go significantly beyond the customs and security-related processes must be precisely described, documented and evaluated.

Depending on the company’s size and structure, this can be a time-consuming process, entailing a large work-load and that drains the resources required by other departments. This is where the TTA Validator can provide you with effective support and not just in simply filling out the self-assessment forms: rather, the Validator guides you through a dynamic catalogue of questions that reflects the characteristics of your company.

Our customs experts have provided full explanations to most questions in the programme. The TTA Validator evaluates your answers directly and automatically, which enables you to see at a glance which certification requirements have been met and which still require attention. Our aim is to guide the applicant through the self-assessment process quickly and efficiently. This will lighten your company’s work-load, save resources and allow your employees time to concentrate on their core responsibilities. You can make the process easier by allocating questions to certain departments or employees and continuously monitoring their progress.

Once the self-assessment has been completed, the TTA Validator provides you with a detailed report. It displays any weaknesses which you can then resolve prior to submitting the application. The TTA Validator can also provide a schematic overview of company structures. As a result, you can manage an application involving a number of sites within one legal entity or several applications by affiliated company legal entities (as well as combinations of both).

You have successfully negotiated the first obstacle and your company has obtained AEO certification. The status is not subject to expiration or time limits. However, certified companies must continuously ensure that they meet the certification requirements and, for this purpose, customs has developed the concept of monitoring.

In some member states, customs administrations have codified this concept in their internal administrative instructions relating to the AEO. In order to meet their statutory obligation to inform the competent customs authority of all changes relevant to the status of AEO, certified companies must maintain an effective system of controls and reporting. This is the only way that an AEO can satisfy its ongoing obligations relating to notification and controls.

Using the TTA Validator you can continuously update and enhance your stored data. Questionnaires specifically designed for monitoring allow you to check whether your company still meets the certification requirements at any time. You can develop your own monitoring plan, define your own status check intervals and submit a report to customs that displays your current status.

In this way, the TTA Validator will help you continuously monitor compliance with the certification requirements and form part of your internal system of quality management.

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We offer trial access to a limited version of TTA Validator to qualified potential customers. If you are interested in trying the system out, please provide us with some information about you and your company. One of our service representatives may contact you for additional information. Once approved, you will receive access details to your trial account by e-mail. You will be able to access your trial account for a limited period free of charge. We reserve the right to grant trial access only to approved companies which meet certain qualification criteria, and to cancel access immediately if the conditions of the trial use are not respected.